A few words

About Us

From Dark Age of Camelot, PlanetSide to World of Warcraft The Enclave has left its mark and is either loved or hated by the communities we’ve been a part of. Leadership strives to keep TE competitive yet fun. Drama is squashed out and never given a chance to cause harm. Despite the fact that we’re a serious community we do not force members to participate in activities if they do not want to since we understand that not every member joins for the same experience. We do our best to meet the expectations of all members and all that we ask for in return is dedication and that you do your best.
No Nonsense

We provide members with a unique gaming community free of censorship and modern thought policing.

We're from the old internet. Before every moron with a smart phone was able to broadcast their nonsense to the world.

You can be who you want to be here in The Enclave while also being a part of a well-organized, disciplined, and fun gaming community. Nobody else can provide you with such an experience. They may offer one or the other but not both.

Some Enclave Facts

Our accomplishments are long and varied but here are some quick facts to look over.

What drives us

Over two decades have passed since our inception. Even with the strain of time, we remain an active and ambitious community. The foundation of our strength lies within our collaborative efforts. We seek to achieve and maintain excellence because, at the end of the day, The Enclave strives to do more than simply play the game but also be a part of its legacy. To be honored by tales that will carry on long after us. To be immortalized in the history of the game.

Our Mission

To provide an organized gaming community that anyone and everyone can be a part of.

Our Vision

To be a one-of-a-kind gaming community that has absolutely no equal in or out of the game.

Still interested?

If all of this appeals to you please get in touch with us.