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The Enclave

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About Us

We're a tight-knit PC gaming community that was established back in 1998. Most known for our organization, crude humor, and political incorrectness.

We’ve existed long before Star Citizen. If you’re interested in learning more about us we encourage you to read more.

What Role Do You Want To Play?

Star Citizen is a big game with big dreams and player identity is a part of that. The Enclave has broken itself down into two divisions that cover two different yet equally important playstyles.

Dagger is the ground-based element of The Enclave. In combat, the role of Dagger is to destroy enemy ground forces and repel enemy attacks. Members of Dagger are ground forces that engage with the enemy in close-range combat. They operate weapons and equipment to engage and destroy enemy ground forces. Click Here to learn more.

Talon is the aerospace element of The Enclave. The role of Talon is to establish a degree of aerospace superiority wherein the opposing forces are incapable of effective interference with joint operations. Members of Talon are expected to seek out, engage and defeat enemy ships while also providing support to Dagger whenever possible. Click Here to learn more.

What We Do

hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats.


Players outside of our organization are worth more dead than they are alive.

Kill the meat. Save the metal.


Salvage is a byproduct of our piracy. Every destroyed ship has its own worth.

Everything has a price.


With control of JT & SPK comes control of contraband. Somebody has to fence it.

Why join The Enclave

You have a lot of choices for organizations in Star Citizen but none are like us.

High Standards

In The Enclave we expect our members to be the very best they can be. Through active play or training, everyone is expected to be constantly improving. Being average isn't good enough for us.

Cooperative Spirit

We believe that we're only as fast and strong as our weakest members. Because of that, we band together to help elevate everyone to a higher level.

No Nonsense

There is no drama, role-playing, or other distractions in our community. All we care about is achieving our goals and everything else is secondary to that.

Ready to join? Let's talk!

Click the link below to learn how to get in touch with us and join our organization.