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IGN: Lothire

Discord: TheDon#9776


I'm looking to join Enclave because it is a guild, and it is on my server. Also because I was advised against it in general Elwynn chat, which only increased my desire to join 100 fold. I am a level 11 warlock, which means I will be bringing a lot to the table, and feel I can be nothing but a value add to the guild. /who 11 warlock doesn't return anyone in The Enclave so I'm pretty confident about that.


In all seriousness, I'm looking for a good group of people who are laid back, but are able to take things seriously when it comes to the important aspects of the game (progression, PVP, etc.) I will be leveling this character to 60 regardless, and would definitely enjoy raiding with you when that time comes. If you will take a social/leveling character right now, then please feel free to invite me when you see me on next. 



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