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I am applying to join your classic WoW community/guild. I started playing in very late Wotlk so I got to max level for the first time in Cata. Since then I have mainly done pvp, where I am a consistent 2.1k+ 2's and 3's player on my rogue and WW monk, as well as a consistent 2.2k+ RBG player on my rogue. I also do a lot of WPVP with the guilds I have been in, I was an officer in WPVP's Finest for a year or so and when the guild master quit retail I switched over to Alliance Empire/Terrian Empire where I have also been a high ranking officer for around a year. I am not 100% sure what class I will play in classic but I am interested in Druid, Rogue, and Warlock (Kind of leaning towards Druid). I want to get the best gear in classic so I will always be there for raid nights in classic if invited. My main goal is PVP but I realize I need the gear in order to succeed in classic.

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