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  1. The Enclave, Interested in joining a mature community, with fellow old school wow players. I'm interested in raiding classic dungeons, questing and getting that good old fashion Classic Experience (Including community most of all). I've been playing WoW on and off for the past 15 years, with most of my hardcore time sink located from Vanilla-TBC. A little wrath, and other expansions as well, but I didn't stick around long enough (Filthy casual). Worry Not, for my days of being a filthy causal are over, I'm in classic for the long run! Hopefully that is- if Blizzard gets it right this time... I'm looking forward to hearing back, it's been lonely out here. I'm dwellyforge on discord, if you have any further questions. Thanks again, Saemundr, 30ish Dwarf Priest
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