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  1. Hi, My reason for wanting to join <The Enclave> is that it seems to have a great and lengthy history. The community is the guild and so forth so I am hopeful of being a part of an actual guildlike community (if that makes sense). I began in 2004 (much younger) on Kel'Thuzad, and vaguely recall raiding up to AQ40 on both rogue and a restoration druid. I'm looking forward to being a part of something great and long lasting, as well as doing my part to help the guild in any way I can (gathering consumables, leveling, attunements, and so forth). As far as a class I am still debating druid, warlock, rogue, or hunter (shamefully). Perhaps if I am able to access guild info I'll have a better sense of a class choice. On a personal note, I'm a working parent, central standard time days, and can play evenings/weekends (late Saturday night or days) and cannot play Thursday night due to grad-school. Thank you.
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