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  1. Why do I want to join The Enclave? The answer to this question is simple. camaraderie. As a gamer of 26, i have realized one thing. It is very hard now adays to come across a GENUINELY connected, and well organized guild/clan/team. Upon reading the information on The Enclave, it seems as if they are not only a powerful force but also a community of honest hard working gamers. Something i find ALL online games are lacking. With Classic WOW coming out soon, the search for a new family to experience it with has begun. A community to level with, PvE and PvP with, and really experience what Classic WOW was all about, ONLINE GAMING. If accepted, i intend to pick up any knowledge thrown my way, in order for me to become an important part of Raids and PVP. Thank you for reading this. - Who Dun Ate Me Cookie
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