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  1. Hello, looking to join the guild. I haven't really been looking to hard into the Classic stuff as the wait is already tough, so I hadn't waded into the community or lurked the forums, etc. until the name reservation thing came about. I know I wanted to raid, RP and PvP and Grobbulus was the only choice I had. That's when I finally started to peek into the community. " Thick Skin » Our guild is very politically incorrect and we do not censor people’s opinions, bad jokes or comical retardation. If you can’t handle profanity or adult subjects you would be better suited in another guild. " This is really why I want to join. This is the heart of it, at least for me. I thought I'd have to wade through page after page of guilds managed by thin skinned people cultivating constant drama from recruiting people incapable of taking a joke or abiding opinions different from their own. I'm not a jerk but I really do not do well in really tense environments where I'm constantly having to walk on eggshells for every other thing I say like reddit or something. I remember back in the day, before all this "internet toxicity" buzzword type stuff started to get thrown around everywhere, you could make jokes or poke fun at people and it was no big deal. For me, that's integral to the Classic experience. It's not just the culture that's important to me, though. I understand that you guys have been around for FIFTEEN years. That's really impressive. Sure, I could poke around some servers, join some rando's guild who walks up to me with a guild registration application, but something that has staying power and an established community is a big draw for me as well. Especially considering I fully intend to dive into everything Classic has to offer, especially PvP, and need a good experienced base to learn from. The last bit for me is the roleplaying. I am a highly experienced roleplayer, having dabbled in it across various mediums for over fifteen years myself. I understand it's not the focus of the guild, but the forum post did mention that there is an officer looking into getting it going. Personally, RP is probably going to be pretty low on my priorities at first, I'll be more focused on leveling, gearing and learning my class. But having that option there is nice, especially considering how dumb the lore got as time went on. I actually co-lead a FFXIV RP guild so I do have experience there with crafting lore and storylines and stuff like that. (We're a very small guild that's more focused on RP than content and I've made it pretty clear to everyone that I am gonna be a GHOST when Classic hits.) I'm Boss#0135 on Discord and ready to talk to a recruiter whenever. Hopefully this wall of text isn't offputting, I noted a lot of other apps are like one or two lines long but I'm putting in the effort to show I'm serious about joining.
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