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  1. Hiya! I'll keep it short and sweet. Started out in late BC. Was a young teenager back then so I wasn't able to Raid or access much end game content. I rolled Hunter till 55 and once WOTLK released I rolled DK. Tanked dungeons and raided once or twice nothing serious. Came back in Legion/BFA Rolled a DH Havoc and Shammy Resto. Did some Mythic +4 and LFR Raids. Wasn't able to Heroic or Mythic Raids due to not having a guild or having sufficient ilvl. Really hoping for Classic I can get a good strong guild and start accessing all end game content for PvP. My goals are to Max ilvl, Max Professions, Farm gold, PvP and help out the guild. I plan to Roll a Holy/Shadow Priest
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