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  1. Hey there! My name is Brevanik. I am wanting to become a member of The Enclave, specifically for WoW Classic. I am writing this post and I have already joined the official Discord. I want to join The Enclave because just from what I have seen, you all seem like an awesome group that's dedicated to progression while still having fun. I have looked through many different guild ads for WoW Classic, and The Enclave really stood out to me. I started playing WoW in 2005, but unfortunately I was young then and didn't ever get involved with end game progression. With WoW Classic coming back, I want to take this opportunity to join you all in progressing through the content while also having a fun time and getting to know my team mates better. 🙂 Currently, I'm still deciding between playing a DPS warrior or a rogue. I have both PvP and PvE interests. Thank you for considering my application, I hope to talk to you all soon! 24 more days, let's go! - Brevanik
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