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  1. Hello all, coming from the WoW Classic forums and looking for a home ahead of launch. My WoW experience (aside from vanilla trial accounts) starts in 2009, was still full on Warcraft III til then. Vanilla experience is limited to pservers. Around 4.1 or 4.2 in Cata, frustrated w/ not enough PVP on my prior realm I moved over to Mal'Ganis Alliance where I've mained since then (only light play in Legion/BFA though). For a couple of expansions I ran a low-key, medium sized, casual guild there (<Honor PiƱata>), where the main focus was small scale wPVP with most using Arena as a means to an end for gear. Our rules and mentality mirrored what I see in your FAQ, to the point allowing in a great player who was the biggest troll on the server (kicked from every other guild), with our guild instructions just telling people to put him on /ignore if they have issues. Great rogue though, camped him for a few hours once he faction changed. Plan on taking a week off from work to poopsock for a bit on launch, but like many older players, hey we got some kids now and are legit adults who don't wanna go to jail for not feeding our kids because we wanted to kill more boars. I don't expect to raid but would hop in some dungeons now and then. I'll mostly be interested in large-scale and even moreso small-scale wPVP, and both coordinated full-BG stomps and small-pickup-BG groups. My typical play includes farming god-knows-what out in the world and killing Horde while at it, or roaming the world to kill Horde and maybe picking some flowers while I'm out. Since I don't expect to fit into any raid schedule, professions / gold will by my primary means to gearing. Planning on rolling a holy paladin (non-holy leveling), +1 w/ my spouse (prob holy priest) who's played since vanilla and is the reason why I picked up WoW in the first place. Looking for a guild that's good for me, and where I'd be good for them. If there's room or interest for the above, please let me know
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