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  1. I have never been a member of the Enclave, but I have watched a few videos on Buzz's YouTube channel. I am not sure if you guys still have a skeleton outfit presence in Planetside 2, but I would like to join if you do. I would like to join the Enclave community in general, as I enjoy a well-structured, mature, politically-incorrect group that leans on the side of hardcore/competitive. I am hoping to play PS2 and/or Planetside Arena with you guys. I am 29 y/o male from North Carolina. I have a hardcore/competitive mentality and gaming history, BUT my time for gaming is somewhat casual while I finish up my masters degree this spring (Registered Dietitian). Disclaimer, I do run my own MMO gaming community but we do not have a presence in the Planetside Universe. My reason for joining is because I feel like you guys may offer structure similar to what I am used to, in games that I do not have a crew to roll with. I have also played with other recognizable gaming communities in the past, which you may or may not know from other MMOs. I will also say that I am fairly inexperienced with shooters, as most of my time spent has been in MMORPGs. HOWEVER, I am a quick learner, take criticism well, and willing to put in the work to improve. I have joined your Discord - Sharka#4031
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