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  1. Cool beans. Will hit you up if you are online and not busy tonight, or hop on discord and find an admin. Thanks!
  2. Please ignore the lame name, my cousin created this toon several years ago. I quit shortly into legion and due to a nagging wife I'm back to give BFA a go to escape the endless nagging. My main for the past few expansions was Femragee (a Ret Paladin) but wanted to try something new for BFA... hence the decision to play a hunter with a terrible name. My time is limited due to the nagging wife and 2 wonderful little kiddos. However once they go to sleep (the kiddos) I'm left to either screw the wife, watch tv, or play some wow (in that order). I generally log in around 9-9:30pm and play for a few hours. I enjoy world pvp, used to enjoy Arena but that has its luster... though I still enjoy dabbling in it from time to time (gone are the days of me being a hard core arena junky). On the pve side of things, I enjoy doing as much content as my nights allow. When I'm in the raid/dungeon I give 100% to the encounter... but unfortunately my nights are sometimes my nights are cut short due to said kids or nagging wife. Thankfully as the kids of gotten out of baby stage they wake less, which means less interruptions from them. Unfortunately the wife nagging will continue.... I should add that my philosophy on world pvp is as follows: In general I go about my business and only attack/gank someone if i'm having a shitty day (usually rare). However, if some prick horde ganks me I generally will hunt them down and kill them 3-4 times for every death they cause me. Unless of course they completely outgear me and I have no chance... in that case I have a beer, give him the middle finger and move on about my business. If some prick horde kills and spits on me.... I will sit on your corpse and camp them the entire rest of my time while online that night. If he brings friends and kill me... I wait till they are gone and then I go right back to camping him like the motherfucker he is... spit on that you little prick. End rant. Anyway, if your interested in a Hunter with a crappy name who may have to suddenly go afk to put a kid back to sleep, verbally slap his wife, or log off drive into a ditch... then I'm your guy (yes guy, again crappy name).
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