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  1. Unfortunately Planetside is a complete mess of a game developed by retards with no hope for the future and we have not played it as a guild in a long time.
  2. The Enclave does not play PS2 in any capacity. The game is a pile of shit. Planetside Arena is shaping up to provide absolutely no support or ability to play with large groups. Unless the developers fix that, which they won't they are incompetent retards, we will not be playing PSA. Because PSA won't let us play it.
  3. If you haven't already jump onto the discord channel discord.gg/enclave and an admin can assist you with a guild invite. Out of curiosity where did you hear about us on Reddit? I was unaware of any attempts to actively recruit through Reddit.
  4. They're just so the admin knows you've made an account with us and you probably aren't a spam bot.
  5. Get Doggan to get you onto discord, we'll get you sorted out from there.
  6. Jump onto discord next time you are online, we can get you sorted out. discord.gg/enclave
  7. This is for forum access. If you need discord access get on discord and ask a moderator on there.
  8. Well we're not playing Planetside 2 now or ever again. Do you like Escape from Tarkov? People are playing that right now, and then Ashes of Creation December this year.
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