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  1. Hop on Discord and get access. Welcome aboard.
  2. Hop on Discord and get access. Welcome aboard.
  3. Hey! Welcome. Come on discord and post in access request on there and I will set you up.
  4. Wb! Post in access request on discord.
  5. Good write up. Hit me up on Discord? My name is Horrigan on it and I will set you up.
  6. Yeah sure you're welcome if that happens. Not sure why you thought you'd have to ask.
  7. Message me (Horrigan) on Discord.
  8. Welcome back we will set you up. Message me on Discord too. It's Horrigan.
  9. Can you message me (Horrigan) on Discord? I'll give you access here too.
  10. We spoke and you're set. Zaves will get you on forums today. Welcome!
  11. Hit me up on DIscord (Horrigan) and I will get you all setup.
  12. Kids need fed. I like your style. Hit me (Horrigan) up on Discord and I will sort you out. Zaves will get you here.
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