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  • Joining The Enclave

  • If you would like to join The Enclave you must complete a short application on our public forums before you will be given access to our private forums. Our process is basic and we aren't going to have you go through a bunch of hurdles. Simply make a thread answering the following question:


    • Why do you want to join The Enclave?


    After you have answered this very simple question one of our Recruitment Officers will get to you and set up a time and date for a brief Discord conversation. Don't worry, it's not long nor is it super serious but it's done to make sure you're able to use Discord, have a mic and aren't a retard. Our Discord address is discord.enclaveoilrig.com.


    If your application is accepted, you will be given immediate access to the private forums. Please note that when it comes to reviewing your application as well as observing your performance in game, there will be a few key things we look for. Below are but a few of the things we want to see from you.


    • We want you to have a sense of humor.
    • We want you to be eager to learn about our guild and the game we play.
    • We want you to be a team player.
    • We want you to be honest and accountable for your actions both good and bad.
    • We want you to be committed to doing your part to ensure that this guild is the best that it can be.
    • We want you to really want to be in our community and not just our guild.


    With that being said, The Enclave is not, nor has it ever been a politically correct or family friendly organization. Do not bother applying to The Enclave if the following applies to you.


    • You're not comfortable playing in an intense, competitive environment.
    • You're not willing to learn or are set in your own ways.
    • You're not a team player.
    • You're not able to take constructive criticism.
    • You're the kind of person who thinks that because what we are playing is "just a game" that you can goof off and not take things seriously when it counts.
    • You're the kind of person that is deeply offended by profanity.

    You should also know that The Enclave's recruitment process is slightly modeled after the process of the real life military. Recruits volunteer to join The Enclave and are accepted after meeting a set of very lax requirements. Usually speaking English, being able to use Discord and possessing a basic amount of mental faculties is enough to be accepted. However! Being accepted is only the first part and as many people soon realize The Enclave has a very high turnover rate.

    Our turnover is based on a few things and the way we combat that is constant open recruitment with reasonable standards. The most common causes of turnover are as follows.


    • Not enjoying our play style.
    • Lacking a sense of humor.
    • Being a retard.


    You don't really get to know a recruit until they become a member and holding "try outs" like in the days of old is both outdated and a massive waste of time. Our "try outs" are an every day process that shows whether or not you have what it takes to maintain membership or if you're just another window licker. We have a set of in-game requirements that members must adhere to which ensure the efficient operation of the guild and unlike wannabe military communities, we don't bog you down with needless amounts of bureaucracy and red tape. Our method is effective and efficient and that is why The Enclave has enjoyed an immense amount of success in the past.

    If this sounds like the type of group you're interested in joining than please immediately begin the application process by registering to our forums or clicking the link below.



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