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  1. Yesterday
  2. Hey! Welcome. Come on discord and post in access request on there and I will set you up.
  3. I would like to join Enclave, I enjoyed playing WoW back in the day and look forward to playing Classic WoW with Enclave
  4. Wb! Post in access request on discord.
  5. Looking to join up with the Enclave for classic WoW. Loved to watch Buzz's streams in Planetside 2 and want to be a part of the community. Thinking of rolling a warlock or a warrior depending on guild needs (leaning toward warlock). I look forward to raiding and pvping with the Enclave.
  6. Last week
  7. Good write up. Hit me up on Discord? My name is Horrigan on it and I will set you up.
  8. I saw your advertisement on the classic wow forums and from what i had seen it seems your community would be one i would be comfortable in. I played back in vanilla and quit in wotlk after hitting 80. I'm not sure what i want to play in classic yet but I'm interested in getting to rank 13, maybe 14 depending on class. My plan is to be ready for phase two to start farming honor in world pvp right away.
  9. Earlier
  10. Yeah sure you're welcome if that happens. Not sure why you thought you'd have to ask.
  11. If you’re joining the RP-PvP server (if available), or whatever the community designates. I expect that to be a hot WPvP server with great rivalries. I haven’t decided on faction honestly, but if I go Alliance, I’d roll with you folks if you’d have me.
  12. TE member from Veco. Wanting to check out your Classic WoW plans.
  13. Message me (Horrigan) on Discord.
  14. Hello I’m new , My friend told me about this awesome community and would like to join, I play Warcraft a lot. I pvp and do quite alot of mythic plus.
  15. Welcome back we will set you up. Message me on Discord too. It's Horrigan.
  16. Can you message me (Horrigan) on Discord? I'll give you access here too.
  17. We spoke and you're set. Zaves will get you on forums today. Welcome!
  18. Hello, I am applying to join your classic WoW community/guild. I started playing in very late Wotlk so I got to max level for the first time in Cata. Since then I have mainly done pvp, where I am a consistent 2.1k+ 2's and 3's player on my rogue and WW monk, as well as a consistent 2.2k+ RBG player on my rogue. I also do a lot of WPVP with the guilds I have been in, I was an officer in WPVP's Finest for a year or so and when the guild master quit retail I switched over to Alliance Empire/Terrian Empire where I have also been a high ranking officer for around a year. I am not 100% sure what class I will play in classic but I am interested in Druid, Rogue, and Warlock (Kind of leaning towards Druid). I want to get the best gear in classic so I will always be there for raid nights in classic if invited. My main goal is PVP but I realize I need the gear in order to succeed in classic.
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