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  • 11/2/17

    Meeting Notes


    Our meeting was a success with a very healthy turnout. Considering The Enclave isn't officially doing anything other than waiting for Ashes of Creation it is very comforting to see how many members are still interested in our future. The meeting lasted for about 40 minutes and a variety of issues were covered. Below are the notes.


    1. The Enclave STEAM group has been wiped - All members wishes to join it should go and request an invite HERE.
    2. Our leader, BuzzCutPsycho / Horrigan has also wiped his STEAM friend's list. If you wish to be put back on it simply send him a request HERE.
    3. All forum privileges have been wiped. Anyone interested in seeing our private forums will need to request access HERE.
    4. The Enclave isn't officially playing any game. Our TeamSpeak 3 is still active with members playing a variety of games and our casual WoW adventure is still going. You're welcome to join us on either.


    These changes were done as part of our preparation for Ashes of Creation. Going forward with a healthy, clean slate will be important. Ashes of Creation's first alpha is scheduled for sometime this year with the majority of the invites going out sometime early next year. The Enclave is 100% committed to this game and it is our future. The sooner AoC comes to being a playable product the sooner we will ramp up recruitment. I've said it before and will say it again that you, the members are our foundation and we've gone into games with less and have enjoyed great success. 

    Keep up the good work - Despite nearly every game being shit this year we're still going strong.

  • 11/16/17

    Community Meeting


    The Enclave is having it's final community meeting of 2017 on the 1st of November at 8PM EST. The meeting will be held on TeamSpeak 3 which anyone can connect to. Our TS3 address is ts3.enclaveoilrig.com. The topics being covered at this meeting are as follows:


    • Our website permission changes - Members will lose access to the private section. A simple set of instructions on how to regain access will be given.
    • Our STEAM group cleanup - The group has 700+ members and most of them are inactive. The last time it was cleaned was in 2008.
    • Ashes of Creation alpha/beta - We don't plan to break NDA but will be having information about that.
    • Our future as a gaming community and what we can all expect in the coming months.


    Make no mistake 2017 has been a rough year for many gaming organizations but we're still doing well. These changes are important to properly gear ourselves up for the next game and as some of you may know these were a lot of the same things we did leading up to the PlanetSide 2 release which most of you joined up for. Thank you for reading and I look forward to seeing most of you there.

  • 10/15/17

    The Enclave Is Looking For Sympathetic Honkies

    The following image was sent to me on TS3 the other day. I don't browse Reddit since I'm not a flaming faggot like the person in the screen shot below but I did feel this was worth sharing with everyone.




  • 10/13/17
    Under Construction


    The new website is making progress. You'll notice everything is a bit bare but I and others are currently working in our spare time to get things up and running. Please be patient with us!