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Looking to join The Enclave? Post an application here.

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    • Welcome friend. Make sure to hit up the Discord and I can invite you there as well.
    • Raider candidate here that finally transferred off a dead server (Alleria) to play with my RL friend Phalkun. Will be playing Ret Pally as my main spec and Prot for off-spec.   IGN: Quickbeard
    • Good to go.
    • We use Discord now unfortunately.

      We will fix that discontinuity shit. Welcome aboard we will give you access ASAP.
    • Based on my brief interactions with Horrigan in CE (#1527) and deep web research; I believe he is capable of leading to world/server firsts and would like to contribute to that end. His /pol like rhetoric and the success and ambition of the Enclave on our server looks to be a very pleasurable experience.
      He knows me as Teddie [Junk Ins] in CE, but I go as Swap everywhere else.

      I'm white,31 years old, work in IT, and married. I'm looking forward to trying AoC as a healer, if needed, otherwise ranged magic dps.

      Do you folks primarily use Discord or TS3? I've seen discontinuity in your "Join" and "About" articles.