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  • FAQ

    1. Is The Enclave a multi-game community?
      No, we focus on one game at a time to ensure the highest level of organization and dedication.
    2. What VOIP do you guys use?
      TeamSpeak 3.
    3. Are you guys the same Enclave from PlanetSide/PlanetSide 2?
    4. Are you guys PvE or PvP?
      We do both. We prefer do however prefer PvP much more.
    5. Are you guys griefers?

      No. We don't take shit from people though and we won't hesitate to piss off our enemies.

    6. I heard that you guys were RACIST and SEXIST! Is that true?

      No. We're politically incorrect. Our community believes very strongly in freedom of speech and members are not censored in any way shape or form. With that being said we don't care about your race, gender, creed or sexual orientation. If you're a black Jewish male that happens to love sucking cock that's fine by us so long as you're good at the game we're playing.

    7. I heard some rumors that you guys are Nazis. Is that true? Is The Enclave a hate group full of Nazis?
      No but it sure is fun to pretend to be one.

    8. You guys seem pretty serious. Are you guys laid back at all?
      We're actually very laid back. The only time we're gung-ho is when we're doing some form of organized event. We've always tried to find a balance between professional and laid back. When we want to win, and are playing serious we switch to "professional" mode where our policies and strategies are strictly adhered too. When we're not we switch to "casual" mode where we're really laid back and just like having a good time. If you're too professional, then you never have fun. If you're too laid back, you never succeed. Finding the perfect balance is what we do.

    9. Who did most of your members vote for in the 2016 Presidential Elections?
      Donald Trump.

    10. Hey... is your community one of those "alt-right" groups?
      I still don't know what the "alt-right" is but we certainly lean to the "right" in terms of politics.