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  2. Hello. Could I please receive access to the private forums? Thanks.
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  4. Unfortunately Planetside is a complete mess of a game developed by retards with no hope for the future and we have not played it as a guild in a long time.
  5. Hi, i'm a new user of Planetside after watching the Mandalore Gaming review of Planetside 2 i thought that i should take his advice and join a large group, i've got a bit of experience playing with large groups in games like battlefield but i'm hoping you'll accept a noob to planetside like me.
  6. I played WoW intensively from Vanilla through Wrath and then casually from Cata onward. I've begun playing again in anticipation of Classic.
  7. Hello, I played Wow from launch through Cataclysm. I've recently returned in anticipation of Classic. Looking to join a guild of active players for camaraderie and adventure. I'm currently working on a pally, but can't wait to get back to my stealth roots on Classic with a rogue or druid.
  8. I was hoping you accept applications to become a member of the community through ways such as discord for example without actually having to be in the guild itself
  9. You're not joining the guild but you are making an application? I am not sure I understand.
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