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  2. Played PS2 Ops with you guys for a few months before it slowly died, coming back for a home in Classic WoW.
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  4. All set just join us in Classic wow friend
  5. Destray Requesting Access for discord
  6. Hello. Could I please receive access to the private forums? Thanks.
  7. Unfortunately Planetside is a complete mess of a game developed by retards with no hope for the future and we have not played it as a guild in a long time.
  8. Hi, i'm a new user of Planetside after watching the Mandalore Gaming review of Planetside 2 i thought that i should take his advice and join a large group, i've got a bit of experience playing with large groups in games like battlefield but i'm hoping you'll accept a noob to planetside like me.
  9. I played WoW intensively from Vanilla through Wrath and then casually from Cata onward. I've begun playing again in anticipation of Classic.
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