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  2. Access Request

    All set
  3. Earlier
  4. Access Request

    Requesting access back to the forums. Thanks.
  5. Access Request

    All set
  6. Access

    All set
  7. Access

    All set
  8. Access

    All set
  9. Access

  10. Access

    tp for my bunghole
  11. Application for Ashes of Creation

    I registered him on Discord. You have membership Paiway just hit me up whenever you see me. I'm Horrigan.
  12. Application for Ashes of Creation

    Hop on discord when you get a chance. Things are slow right now since we are waiting for AoC but we have active members playing other games.
  13. I saw your recruitment thread on the AoC forums. I laughed so much that I had co-workers asking if I was "ok." After reading the recruitment area of the website, I'm thinking that I would fit in and I like the idea of what you guys have. I'll also be happy to do my part, would you like to know more?
  14. Access

    Also registered on the AOC forum. Username: Spindoctor Very creative, I know.
  15. Access

  16. Access Request

    Like to get back into community. Fucked up original post.
  17. Something something application.

    Cheers mate!
  18. Access Request

    All set
  19. Access Request

    All set
  20. Something something application.

    All set, welcome brother.
  21. Came because because Buzz told me to, stayed because AoC sounds like it'll be worth a shot, and interested in trying it with The Enclave specifically because I've seen how organized you all are from Planetside 2.
  22. Access Request

    Peasant reporting for duty
  23. Access Request

    Returning after tonight's meeting. Just registered for Ashes of Creation.
  24. Community Meeting

    First community meeting of the year. In Discord.
  25. Access

  26. Request

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