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  2. Access Request

    Welcome back
  3. Access Request

    Old player from WotLK, I've been playing on and off since then, looking to return for BFA.
  4. Access Request

    Ret is always nice. Come back and play with us. You know you want to. Also join and register to our Discord @ discord.enclaveoilrig.com AND ADD ME BACK ON BTAG - Horrigan#11961
  5. Access Request

    Seriously considering joining you all for BFA Warfronts. This shit looks like new AVs and then some. Evangeline was my old paladin. Now named Archevangel, mythic grade ret pal. Not sure who I'll be here. I'm considering a rogue among some others. What's needed guys?
  6. Access Request

    All set wb kiddo
  7. Access Request

    Portal services reporting for duty!
  8. Earlier
  9. Application

    Done! Welcome back.
  10. Application

    Haven't been around/in the guild since Pandaria or so and looking to join back for BfA. Character name Ishánah on BH
  11. Access Request

  12. Access Request

    Arthidon Requesting forum access
  13. Access Request

    I just fixed it sorry.
  14. Access Request

    Dysco before I moved him over to Emerald Dream. I haven't been in the guild in a while and am just taking a break until BfA. But I was in the guild for a little while back in 2016. Keeping an eye out for when you guys return. BTW it still doesn't show me as having access.
  15. Access Request

    Alright. I gave you access. What was your character name?
  16. Access Request

  17. Acess Request

  18. Access Request

    Welcome back brother.
  19. Access Request

    What game are you from? I do not recognize your name.
  20. Access Request

  21. Access Request

  22. Acess Request

    fuck "Acess"
  23. Acess Request

  24. Access Request

    Black as fuck
  25. Access Request

  26. Access Request

    All set
  27. Access Request

    All set
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