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    • Ashes of Creation: -Ashes is still on the horizon for us to play together as a community -At this time we currently still don't know enough about the game, however we expect to be playing it in about 1 year -Until then though, we want to be able to have a presence as a community in a game still -We absolutely want to be able to go into Ashes coming off another game, fresh and with large numbers   World of Warcraft: -This is by no means a Call to Arms or a Shill -Buzz and quite  few others will be playing World of Warcraft: Legion in time for the last patch -Everyone is welcome to play. This will strictly be a casual affair. We won't be doing any serious Rated PvP or Mythic Raids -There will be a focus on doing Mythic Dungeons for everyone and Heroic Raids. The main goal is to bring the maximum number of 30 people each week in order to gear everyone out -Mythic Raiding is poorly tuned, unfun garbage. One person quitting the game directly impacts and ruin the other 19 -PvP is still a shitshow, however it's now at least tolerable -Artifact Power is now irrelevant so you can play whatever the fuck you want -The last patch of Legion, Argus, is coming out soon. Historically we've always taken a break during the middle of the expansion and come back during the last patch. We've done this since WotLK, and it's typically always been a high point for us -Again, this is a strictly a casual affair. You're welcome to join Buzz and friends on WoW and have some fun -We won't be using Discord
    • Starting today, we're officially back in PS2
      -The outfit is currently fully operational and running on Emerald
      -We're staying TR
      -Everyone should subscribe to the game. Vote with your wallet and hope for the necessary dev changes -The game isn't perfect by far and does have its problems, the key one being Redeployside
      -Still, every single member here needs to do their part
      -Recruitment is completely open, everyone is welcome, and everyone in the outfit can recruit  
      -We'll be playing in the same style that we always do. Large scale, with multiple platoons and squads. Talon will be a thing if we can field the numbers
      -Buzz's stream will be running eventually
      -If YOU'RE streaming have the decency to tell people in your channel that you're streaming and use a large delay
      -Ops time are currently 7:30 - 11, 5 days a week. This will most likely be dialed back to 3 days a week in the  future. Hours are subject to change
      -Buzz has been hounded by some of you to return to this game for 4 fucking years
      -This is PS2's last hurrah/chance for resurgence. Let's make the best out of it   World of Warcraft fucking sucks, we're leaving that game. This really doesn't deserve much expanding on.
    • Bleeding Hollow WE ARE NOT TRANSFERRING Server currently sucks. No denying that. Other Alliance guilds, as shitty as they are, unfortunately soak up potential recruits. That being said, we're still doing really well here Not worth paying the money for a server transfer   Daily World Quests Everyday at 7PM, Buzz will be forming a large group to do World Quests Get your shit done, play with the guild and kill Horde along the way Good way to get them done without dying to all the Horde that outnumber you This is in no way mandatory or a Call-To-Arms. Come only if you want to.   West Coast Raid Khlorine is currently in the works to start a late night west coast raid team. Think 12AM EST time. This isn't a Mythic Progression group, but it's not a fuck around group either Will probably be very small in size compared to other raid groups so if you're interested tag along or ask Khlorine for more information     WE'RE STILL DOING REALLY WELL AND ARE GONNA KEEP IT GOING. CURRENTLY NUMBER 1 ALLIANCE GUILD IN PVE AND RBGS. MYTHIC PROGRESSION IS GOING SMOOTHLY. GOOD JOB NERDS. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK AND KEEP RECRUITING!!!!    
    • Very brief meeting yesterday,   -There will be a very brief weekly meeting every Tuesday evening at 7 before raids just to touch base -Raid leaders should be actively recruiting to try and fill their raids, especially if lacking critical roles such as Tanks -All 3 raid groups are currently doing great. Guild is progressed 5/7 Heroic. Keep up the good work nerds
    • Raid Groups Currently 2 Raid Groups Group 1 will be lead by Zaves on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday Raid 2 will be lead By Optixs as a weekend group on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday Raid Group 3 will be lead by Thyrfa and take place as a secondary group on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday   Requirements for Raids: Have the addons needed You do NOT need consumables right now. Price is too expensive Wait for Blood Vendor to come out   PvP There will be an RBG team Don't push yourself to do this. PvP is a little bit rough right now If you're not an enthusiast, don't worry too much about it. Only do it if you really want to do it At the very least, do your PvP World Quests Have TeamSpeak, don't be a retard.   Miscellaneous Request Forum Access if you do not have it. This is how we stay in touch! Continue to recruit new members! We're doing great at the moment and have a lot of momentum. The way to keep that momentum is to continue playing in groups with each other. Raids are a great way to do that so if you're interested in raiding, now is your time to shine.